Mobile Technology in Business

Mobile technologies allow people to use information and communication technology conveniently even while on the go. People who are in the business world can greatly benefit from using these technologies. Business owners can continue to communicate with their employees, business partners, and customers without being tied to their offices. Whether they are out on sales calls, business meetings, or at home, they can still make the most of their time and attend to their businesses. They can stay in touch with the help of many different devices such as mobiles, personal digital assistants, and laptops.  Important decisions need not have to wait longer than necessary. New mobile technologies have significantly changed the way business owners run their businesses for optimal business growth.

Improved Customer Relationship

Business owners can improve the services they offer to customers by enhancing their customer relationship management system. With the help of mobile technologies, they can update their customer database and leverage on it to gather customer feedback.  They can use the information they gather as basis for improving their services. Mobile technologies also allow businesses to provide better customer service and assistance whether online or offline. They can still reach out to their customers after office hours without forcing their employees go overtime.  This will make their customers feel like someone is attending to their needs all the time.  This simple effort can greatly improve customer loyalty which can translate to tremendous regular sales in the long run.

Strategic Marketing

Many businesses heavily use mobile marketing strategies to promote their brand and increase sales. According to studies, the average response rates of mobile users to mobile marketing is about 15% higher compared to direct mail campaigns. Some companies claim that they get response rates of as high as 60%.  With the great number of people using mobiles, this is not impossible at all. Mobile marketing is also extensively used for sending discount coupons to customers.  These coupons are more convenient for consumers since there’s no need to print them at all.  The customers simply have to show their digital coupons in their phones for in-store purchases or type in the promo codes for online purchases.

Convenient Payment System

Modern businesses have included new mobile payment systems for more convenient transactions.  Mobile money transfers can now be used for cashless transactions online or offline.  This type of payment system is considered to be safer since customers do not have to key in their credit card numbers.  Money is pre-loaded into the mobile money account through a tie up with one or several major financial institutions and telecommunication companies.  Using mobiles to pay for purchases has become a popular alternative payment method for many business establishments.  The system is now being used worldwide and has a combined market that reaches an estimated 600 billion U.S. dollars.