Apple and Google Create Own Electric Cars

Apple and Google are perhaps two of the largest companies in the world that continue to compete with each other in terms of technology. Both companies have continued to dabble in various investments and projects related to technology. Both companies have made rounds in many technology news 2016 on the internet.

Between the largest companies in the entire globe, it is known to the public that the search engine giant Google is developing a driverless automobile. However, people do not expect Apple to not retaliate as both companies are known for outdoing each other’s projects. Unlike the search engine giant and the majority of its huge projects, Apple’s autonomous vehicle project has been kept under wraps by its developers and investors. Apple, just like most of its well-kept projects, just don’t talk about their efforts in creating their own driverless vehicle.

Project Titan

Apple’s “Project Titan” has been greatly publicized to represent the company’s mysterious dealings in the automotive industry. Project Titan refers to Apple’s attempt at developing its own line of autonomous or electric-powered vehicles. However, the company has been tightlipped about the developments of the project.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook declined to make any comments regarding Project Titan, numerous technology news 2016 have already made rounds on the internet. According to the leaks and rumors circulating online, there is a huge possibility that the tech company does have several things planning to achieve in the next few years. One of the most obvious signs to such a future is that the company has been pursuing to employ several Tesla employees.

Tesla’s Take

According to reports, Apple has been offering several employees a pay increase of around 60 percent and a substantial quarter million signing bonus, given that they accept the offer of transferring to Apple. Of course, Tesla CEO and product architect Elon Musk is already knowledgeable of Apple’s tactics.

In an interview with BBC News, Musk said that he believes that large tech companies such as Apple will likely develop an electric-based car since it is the natural thing to do in today’s market. Also, he pointed out that it is pretty hard for the company to hide this as Apple have been hiring a thousand of skilled engineers to make such project a possibility.

Apple and Google as Game Changers in the Industry

Whether the Apple Car or iCar or whatever name Apple will give to its line of autonomous vehicles will compete toe-to-toe against Tesla or Google is something that people need to wait and see. At best, Apple is definitely working on a new project and Daimler is aware of it.



Daimler, the name behind the popular and luxurious Mercedez-Benz, said that they are aware that both Apple and Google have expanded their huge line of products by developing their own line of vehicles. The company said that both tech companies have come a long way in terms of development and are expected to be on par with most car manufacturers a few years from now judging by the craze these companies garnered in many technology news 2016.