Why omni-channel retail will futureproof your business

Auction sites like eBay make it easy to embrace the concept of multi-channel retailing and improve your sales figures. However, there are more benefits to the concept than simply quick profits. Taking a broader approach will also provide authenticity and authority to your business in terms of SEO and brand awareness.

People inherently place more trust in older businesses, which can make it difficult for a new company to gain a foothold, regardless of how good the product is. This means that it is important for a start up to place their brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Omni-channel retail makes this easy to achieve, without expensive marketing costs.


How it works

Using other avenues for sales involves leveraging the influence of a far bigger business to improve yours. Many people search for products directly on Amazon and auction sites like eBay, bypassing Google and other search engines entirely. This means that unless your business has a presence on these other marketplaces you may not be found at all.

First, you build your own eCommerce site. This is your home base and where you want to drive the traffic to once your product is found and bought on eBay or Amazon. Your site should be fully functional, with a secure checkout, comprehensive product descriptions, photographs, a blog, and all the bells and whistles. This will ensure your business conveys a professional image when your traffic starts to grow. The established marketplaces have spent millions of dollars making their sites the industry giants they are, and as such look beautifully designed, and you want your site to have the same feel of quality and reliability.

Second, establish your presence on the marketplaces of your choice. It can be a time consuming process to set up multiple stores, but once the initial stages have been completed then it will just require maintenance.  Multi-channel retail relies on accurate inventory and ensuring you always have the products you say you do. Nothing can undermine a brand faster than not being able to fulfill a sale.


How it works back to your site

When you are dispatching the products to the customer, this is when you will be able to push your own site. The marketplaces aren’t free and will take a cut of every sale you make. The main things to include when sending out orders made from eBay or Amazon are:


  • Beautiful product packaging – Your product must be a joy to receive. Simply putting it in some bubble wrap and sending it off is not enough. Look at Apple to see how presentation can make unboxing a new product an event.
  • A business card – You must include a professional looking card with your website and contact details.
  • A discount voucher – This is the key element to drive people to your site. The voucher will only be redeemable when buying directly from your business.