5 Things Digital Businesses Should Never Do

Running a digital business is a relatively new field for many entrepreneurs. There are many digital businesses out there, but only a few have been operating for more than five years. The digital business frontier is relatively new and many companies are vulnerable to making mistakes. On the internet, even a small mistake can be fatal. The list below contains what your digital business should actively avoid doing:

1.      Use a Generic WordPress Theme

The only way to stand out among the crowd online is to have a unique website. Most digital businesses design their websites using free WordPress themes to cut back on costs and workload. However, you cannot design a unique website if you use a generic WordPress theme without customising it. Your website could end up looking extremely similar to other websites using the same theme. Worst case scenario: if your site looks a lot like a competitor’s, you could get sued and go out of business. You should certainly invest in designing a one-of-a-kind website that looks like no other.

2.      Overlook Traditional Advertising Methods

Don’t rely too much on online advertising tactics to promote your company. Google ads do not automatically equal a comprehensive and well-rounded marketing strategy for a digital business. A good promotional campaign should include Google ads as well as social media, search engine optimisation, blogs, web content, and videos about your company. Additionally, your online marketing campaign should be complemented with traditional techniques like cold calling. For example, take Australian company WME. They built an entire customer base by cold calling numbers found on Google.


3.      Ignore non-Facebook Social Media Platforms

Do not limit your social media campaigns to Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms are extremely essential to a well-rounded social media campaign that can reach many different categories of users. Each of these social media platforms attract different audiences that you can cater to. For example, Twitter is good to reach customers who pay attention to latest news and updates about companies. But Instagram is best to reach customers who base their shopping decisions on attractive photos. Some social media platforms could be better suited for your company based on the industry you are in. You should, therefore, reach across as many social media platforms as you can.

4.      Use Pop-Up Ads

Never, ever use pop up ads on your site. It may be tempting to use pop-up windows. They can be used make some extra revenue from your site or to push certain products the moment a user lands on a certain page. An overwhelming amount of market research has shown, however, that customers loathe popup windows, and are highly unlikely to keep visiting a website that uses pop up ads. It is time to listen to the experts and ditch the pop ups.

5.      Operate Without a Physical Address

Customers prefer digital businesses that seem trustworthy and not like a scam. You need to make your business credible if you expect people to buy something from your site using a credit card. An excellent way to assure your legitimacy is to obtain a physical address that appears on Google Maps on your website. This address can be an actual office, but if you don’t have one, your home address would do.


Heed the above suggestions carefully. You will need to know what not to do, as well as what to do, if you want your digital business to succeed. Take all the precautions you need in order to avoid doing the things mentioned above.