Learn the New Way to Market

The integration of social media into our daily lives has become so deep that we hardly remember a time when we made do without it. But this tool is no longer one for family and friends as it has expanded to include businesses as well. Any ambitious business or organization must have a social media presence as it has been shown to dramatically improve sales outcomes. With more and more of the world getting online, the market potential can be described as colossal. And social media is the channel through which it can be tapped.

The Course

The Diploma of Social Media Marketing is one of the newer programs in the market, as evidenced by the little number of institutions that offer it.

The course, simply aims to teach how to effectively do social media. While we all have a basic idea of how to use social media, the fundamentals of social media marketing, personal branding, email marketing and social media management are still elusive. This has created a demand for professionals that are well versed in all of these. This program addresses all these, in a program that takes anywhere from 6 months -2 years to complete.

Learning Outcomes

The program aims to demystify social media and all its dynamism. By the end of it, you should:

  • Know how to create content that is engaging and effective in marketing.
  • Develop social media strategies for all the main social media sites.
  • Know how to create, manage and market a personal brand.
  • Know how to use email marketing to increase conversions.


Upon graduation, you can seek work as a social media manager, social media consultant, social media strategist or a content marketing manager. This is an amazing opportunity for those with no other academic credentials, as the prerequisites for the diploma are very accommodating. To apply this course, some institutions only require applicants above the age of 18.

This course is suitable to anyone who works in marketing, or by extension, whose work primarily necessitates them to be online. So brand managers, SEO experts, product developers, web designers can all benefit from the program. For marketers, it is especially important since it teaches how to measure the effectiveness of different on/offline marketing campaigns and monitor market trends with greater accuracy.

Social Media Marketing being taught at an institution is something that has only recently emerged. Those who pioneered in the field (social media experts) had no formal training and learned all that they know on the job. Given how much social media has evolved, training yourself is undoubtedly the path of greater resistance. Besides, there are some skills that have to be taught, such as fiscal management of social media budgets, marketing audits and techniques for effective market data analysis.

Before you apply

Ensure you review the institution you are interested in, as far as its accreditation, industry connections and partnerships are concerned.

The chosen method of delivery for most institutions is online. However, there are those that deliver it on-campus though they are a countable few.

The cost of the program is hard to determine, given its newness in the market as well as the diversity of its duration (6months to 2 years). You should therefore review the fees, as well as the payment modes, and flexibility of payment to ensure it is worth the investment.