What Type Of Lockers Are There?

If you want the short version, it is a lot. Lockers are essentially designed to keep commodities safe and in the same place where you left them. However, they inevitably branch out into different categories based on the things we like to store in them.

For instance the locker room you get at a police station is not the same as the one you get in a sports complex. Each category of lockers has been designed to be convenient for storing specific items.

However, that does not much compromise their ability to safely store just about anything that you can fit inside. Let us now take a closer look at some of the different types of locker rooms being used right now.


School Lockers

Locker rooms are an essential part of school life. Kids usually have to take charge and organize a lot of things from books and computers to sports gear, costumes and food. So having a locker room really helps with storing away those items safely without having to shift them back and forth from home. There is quite a bit of variety here too. Each country has a unique approach to what it offers as storage space. Take Australia for instance. When it comes to school lockers Australia has various designs to fit all kinds of storage requirements. You get two step lockers, powered laptop lockers, mail postal lockers and sports school lockers to name a few.

So students here will find it a more streamlined task of organizing their daily supplies with no real confusion.

Employee Lockers

Employees working at a company or factory find lockers very resourceful for storing away their valuables. Depending on what work they do, it may be safer for them to store away their valuables instead of bringing them along. Usually, an employee would need a locker to store away items like their cell phone, wallet, change of clothes, wristwatch etc. especially if they work at a restaurant, factory or building construction sight.

Anti-Bacterial Lockers

These are among the most important and reliable storage facilities in a hospital or clinic. They feature a special coating that keeps them from being contaminated by harmful micro-organisms such as fungi, algae or harmful types of bacteria. So they play a key role in maintaining good hygiene in a hospital setting. The usual items stored in them include lab coats, sanitary gadgets, scrubs and uniforms. Even if they not necessarily items that will come into direct contact with patients and other visitors, keeping them clean will lessen that risk significantly and contribute the overall success rate of the hospital.

Police and Military Lockers

Lockers are important to the armed forces as well since they have to deal with minimal response times and should be able to access their gear at a moment’s notice. But that is not everything. Their gear also needs to be stored in a safe place. Hence, lockers seem to be the ideal storage facility. Configured to suit the requirements of a cop or soldier, they can easily store away from firearms, helmets, boots and uniforms to pieces evidence waiting to be presented in a court case.




There are just some of the different kinds of lockers being used today. As shown, they can be designed to suit the specific storage needs of different people to make their daily routines simpler and their valuables a lot safer.