Toys That Help Your Child Develop Skills

Children and toys are synonymous and with the mention of one name, you can definitely imagine the other. The extent of love that children have for toys is on display whenever you take them to a toy store, where they seem to want several toys and cannot seem to do without any of them. Toys on the other hand are not given the importance that they deserve and are often considered mere objects that help to keep the children occupied.


However, do not underestimate the power of the humble toys. They have the ability to help your child develop various skills without even making them realize it and that too in the most creative and attractive manner which will draw the kids attention for sure. What you need to know as a parent is to pick up the right toy for your child and then see them skills you never imagined a toy could help encourage, such as cognitive skills, gross motor skills, spatial skills, communication skills and social skills.


Toys for kids that help develop skills


Building toys

Imagine toys, such as meccano set or building blocks and bricks, which are used to build and construct various models. These games can keep the kids engrossed for hours at end and every time they can build different models from the possibilities suggested. Such toys help develop various skills such as-

  • Cognitive skills which involve the ability to think, remember, learn, reason and pay close attention to which the blocks allow to develop.
  • Spatial skills which involve the ability to understand the spatial relation and remember it when viewing objects. These building blocks are of various shapes, sizes and dimensions, which kids can recognize, distinguish between easily and use effectively to build various models. This spatial skill is later helpful in life in a number of ways and tasks and help gain success in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics and architecture.
  • Social skills are also developed by playing with construction toys and building blocks, because kids require the help of others and can complete the task more efficiently with teamwork and collaboration.


Puzzles and board games

There are a number of puzzles available, each teaching an additional skill apart from the cognitive ability developed while solving puzzles. Board games too help encourage problem solving skills along with planning. In fact, kids learn about winning as well as losing through these games and how to take it in one’s stride along with developing patience as each one waits for his or her turn. Board games are also a great way to spend time together as a family while bonding over a game and helps develop social skills too.




Action toys

Toys that involve pushing and pulling, dragging, lifting and similar action toys help develop physical agility and gross motor skills. This even includes toys that one can ride on as well as sport equipment that help facilitate outdoor play and develop large motor skills.


Pretend toys and art supplies

Pretend play toys help develop a creative imagination and envision situations which at times closely emulate real world situations and things. Similarly, art and craft activities along with books help develop imagination as well as creativity.

So, next time when buying toys remember how multifaceted they can be.