Make Your Dream Wedding Reception A Reality

While the ceremony may be the main event at your wedding, your reception is where the celebration really begins. This is your chance to come together with all the people you love to celebrate what could be the most important day of your life. Your reception should be everything you’d imagined it would be, and more. Use these planning tips to create the reception you’ve envisioned.

Plan your budget with priorities in mind. When setting the budget for your reception, it may help to make a list of which features and elements are most important to you. For example, if you’re a real food lover and want your reception to feature culinary delights for your guests, it would make sense to allocate a decent portion of your budget to your event catering. If you’re more concerned about having great music to dance to all night long, you’ll want to invest in an experienced DJ.

Limit guests if budget is concerned. If you’re planning your wedding and reception on a relatively tight budget, it’s usually sensible to cut down on the number of guests you invite. Each guest adds an additional expense to your budget, so you might want to consider trimming away some guests who you don’t truly need to invite if finances are becoming a problem.

Get the planning done ahead of time. It’s difficult to make sound decisions when you’re in a state of panic. Try to get as much planning done as possible in the months leading up to your wedding so that you have time to relax and focus on yourself and your partner in the final weeks before the big day. This will also ensure that any potential complications have been smoothed over well in advance.

Get referrals from your vendors. If you’re torn between a large selection of vendor options for your reception, ask a vendor you’ve already chosen and have a good relationship with to lead you to another high quality vendor. People that work in weddings often have connections to others in the business.

Start the setup early. Setting up the reception venue can be pretty stressful, but it will run smoothly if you give yourself plenty of time to get it done. Get the relevant vendors together on the day before the wedding to make sure the space is polished and perfect, and assemble a team of reliable friends or family members who can help you set up stress-free.

Put thought into your seating. Your guests will help you create a far more fun and festive atmosphere if you seat them wisely. Look carefully at your guest lists and consider where they would be most comfortable. Seat people next to friendly faces and be wary of getting too creative with the seating plan – this isn’t the time to introduce strangers, it’s the time to catch up with old friends and celebrate your happy day.

Find a gorgeous reception dress. You may feel fabulous in your wedding dress, but that long train may become irritating once you want to dance, and those heels may not feel so comfortable a few hours down the line. Find a beautiful, comfortable dress that will allow you to dance the night away without sacrificing glamour.