Planning Tips For Your Child’s First Birthday

As any parent can tell you, your child’s first birthday is a really big deal. It’s the moment where you can come together with family and friends to celebrate a major milestone – you’ve made it through the first year of parenthood and your child can finally have their own big birthday bash. If you’re one of those parents who tend to stress out when it comes to these events, take a deep breath and read this simple planning guide to help you stay on track.



Get your supplies in advance.

In the days leading up to the birthday party, you’ll want to be focused on those last minute details like putting up decorations and finalising logistics. You won’t want to be running to the store frantically looking for wrapping paper and 3m scotch tape because you’ve just remembered that all those gifts need to be wrapped. Save yourself the stress and make a supplies shopping list a few weeks before your baby’s birthday. Put it all away in a box in the cupboard and take what you need as the preparations progress.

Consider the crowd.

It’s understandable to want to have everyone you love around to celebrate this happy day, but you may want to consider how much of a crowd your little one can handle. Some babies don’t mind large numbers of people around them, while others are happier when their atmosphere is relatively calm and quiet. You know your baby best, so imagine what they might like and plan your guest list accordingly.

Stick to your budget.

Don’t allow Pinterest boards and wealthier parents to make you feel pressured into blowing your rent money for the month on the birthday party. Create a birthday party budget that you know you can afford and stick to it as best you can. There are plenty of ways to cut costs if you need to. Try not to stress about impressing others – this special day is for your family and your child.

Choose a theme.

Picking out decorations and setting up your party will be much easier if you have a theme in mind. There are plenty of fun baby party themes out there, from trains and trucks to a particular character they like. Pick something that your child enjoys, but aim for a concept that you’ll be able to decorate around – picking a theme that’s too obscure could make things more difficult.

Consider getting specific with the gifts.

It’s obviously unwise to put pressure on your guests to bring gifts, but it may be helpful to give gift suggestions for those who do want to bring a present along for your baby. You could ask for books to help you grow your nursery library, or toys if you’re short on playtime activities. Giving them guidance will help ensure you get items your baby really wants and needs.

Find a nutritious cake recipe.

Because this will probably be the first time your baby tastes something as sweet as birthday cake, you may want to choose a recipe that’s a little less heavy on the sugar than a standard cake to prevent them feeling sick after those first bites. Carrot cake can make a great healthy alternative that your child will love.