Create A Festive Feeling For Your Family At Christmas

Without the right atmosphere and holiday cheer, Christmas can turn into just another day of the year. When you have children filled with expectations in the run-up to this special day, it’s essential that you make Christmas truly magical. Incorporating unique family traditions, rituals, and special décor touches can definitely help make the day feel more festive. Use these ideas to inspire you for the next holiday season.

Go Unique When It Comes To Décor

Holiday home décor has a way of looking a tad generic. Enter any home during December and you’re bound to see the same thing – the tree, the baubles, the tinsel, and maybe a few sprigs of holly if they’re really aiming high. Try to elevate your home’s festive interior this year by opting for personalised christmas decoration items instead of generic shop-bought finds. You can get baubles with each child’s name, plaques that can be personalized with your family name or your own special message, or special yearbooks to record all of your precious memories. By personalising your festive decorations to really represent your family, you’ll help your children see truly is a special time to be celebrated and remembered.

Captivate The Senses

When you look back over the happiest memories of your life, consider just how much your physical senses are involved in those memories. Isn’t it true that just a quick whiff of the scent of your mother’s favourite perfume from your childhood can transport you back in time? If we want our children to have magical memories to cling to throughout their lives that relate to this festive season, it’s important to consider how our physical senses play into these memories, and how we can stimulate the senses throughout the season.

Scent is an essential sense, and far too often overlooked. Try to fill your home with scents that automatically soothe the soul and bring the feeling of Christmas joy into the hearts of your loved ones. Baking is a great way to start – a big batch of gingerbread cookies won’t just thrill your child’s taste buds, they’ll also fill your home with that wonderful ginger scent that always feels like Christmas. You can also buy candles with festive scents like peppermint, cinnamon, and pine to turn your house into a real winter wonderland. If you arrange the candles in an artful way around your home you can even create a beautiful décor touch that adds a relaxing, cosy glow for the whole family to enjoy.

Do Creative Crafts Together

If you have small children, or even big kids who still love to get crafty, this is the perfect time to get together for some artistic bonding activities. Look up craft ideas online and pick a few ideas that will suit your child’s ability level, go shopping for the tools and materials you need, and dedicate an afternoon to designing your own family Christmas décor. Paper snowflake chains is a lovely easy one to start with, and you can work your way up to those tricky gingerbread houses by the time the big day arrives. The kids can also get involved in dressing up the Christmas tree, arranging fairy lights, and generally decorating the home in a way that makes them feel festive.