Best Ways to Motivate Employees of Your Small Business

Worker motivation is a crucial factor that drives productivity of businesses. If the people at the office are not driven to achieve, then the overall productivity, efficiency, and innovation of the workplace would suffer. Motivation is also an important factor in determining how friendly an office can be. CEOs and senior managers should invest significantly in motivating workers. Here are several tips:


Try to Keep Workers Happy

Happiness naturally goes hand in hand with motivation. If an individual worker does not feel good about what he or she does at the business, then motivating them would be a major challenge. Several major brands have discovered that the key to a highly motivated workforce is the happiness of each individual. That is to say, how happy the workers felt regarding their job. Zappos, for example, has built an entire office culture around happiness. Zappos has forgone typically perks companies offers to workers, like tuition reimbursements or childcare. Instead of bribing people to be loyal to the brand, the company is instead focusing on an office culture where everyone believes in the brand and feels really good to be working at the company. Motivation, thus, is a fact of life at Zappos.

Praise Workers and Maintain a Positive Office Culture

A positive work culture can motivate everyone at the office to contribute to their fullest. This is similar to what Zappos has done, as explained above. A positive work culture doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around being staunch believers in the brand as the Zappos approach grows. Positivity can come from rewards and praise in return for good work. At most businesses praise for good work comes from the above, from the senior executives to the workers down the corporate hierarchy. But there are also various peer-to-peer relationships at the workplace. These are the relationships that really needs cultivating to maintain a positive work culture. In addition to managers praising subordinates, create a system where the workers praise each other for jobs well done. Companies can use an employee recognition platform, which is designed like social media strictly for positive comments, to instill and overall positive culture where workers can motivate each other.

Let Workers Be Heard

According to many successful CEOs, communication is one of the biggest factors that motivate workers. When a worker knows that his or her voice is heard by supervisors and peers, then the worker will not hold back voicing opinions. This is key to driving innovation. One founder, Kevin Plank of Under Armour, found that when workers know they are being heard, they express highly creative ideas. Not all ideas may cut it, but it facilitates communication in a manner where workers feel valued and appreciated. That is an important factor in keeping an office highly motivated to achieve the goals of the company.

Share Profits with Them

According to human resources research, workers are motivated when they can directly identify with a company’s success. Meaning that, if workers feel like they are individually benefiting from the overall success of the business, they will be motivated to perform optimally. Profit sharing, where workers receive bonuses or additional paycheques when a business reaches or exceeds revenue goals, is one of the best ways to make workers feel like they are making real contributions to a company.

Employers often offer bonuses and mini rewards to well-performing workers hoping to improve motivation. In addition to that, pay attention to the above suggestions as well.