Traditional Marketing Tactics That Will Still Boost Your Business Today

So many businesses today are caught up in finding new and innovative marketing strategies to get their brand noticed. In reality, it’s often the simple, seemingly old-fashioned marketing tactics that will grab your target markets’ attention and bring new customers to your brand. Mix up your high-tech digital marketing with some of these traditional strategies and you’ll see just how effective they can be.


Simple But Powerful Signage

No matter what industry you’re working in, a great sign can do wonders for your business. Signage is possibly the oldest trick in the book when it comes to marketing and advertising, but it still features so strongly in campaigns today because it’s simple, effective, and powerful. Placing pull up banner melbourne signs around your local area and making sure your business is displayed proudly on the main roadways your potential customers use to commute each day to work is a simple way to achieve brand recognition without a large and risky investment. Make sure your signage is bold, direct, eye-catching, and features a call to action to ensure you get the most from this technique.

Branded Freebies

If you’re selling items in a brick and mortar shop, why not bag your customers’ purchases up in a branded tote bag that they can use in their everyday life? It’s a useful and convenient perk for them that will remind them of your generosity every time they pack their bag in the morning, as well as being an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. It may be more costly than your usual packaging, but a simple freebie can serve as free advertising for your business that may reach thousands of eyes once it leaves your shop. This strategy can work just as well using pens, calendars, and diaries. Consider what your particular market might like as a freebie and then make sure it’s clearly branded to get your message across to the next customer.

Present Yourself As A Speaker

If there’s a relevant industry event going on in your area sometime soon, why not put yourself forward as a possible speaker? You could talk about your journey toward launching your business, the challenges you’ve encountered along the way, or just offer general advice that works for the event in question. It’s a great way to share valuable information with your peers and potential clients and customers, while getting the word out about your product or business to people who may never hear of it otherwise.

Don’t Neglect The Mighty Business Card

Business cards are still important in 2018. They’re your professional calling card, and they can definitely come in handy as a marketing tool. Have a set of cards on you at all times, complete with a modern, unique design and all of the information your contacts or customers might need to find out what you do and how they can reach you. You can pin them up in a huge variety of places, from your local library to supermarkets and networking events. This same strategy can work for flyers – hiring a small team of local students to hit the town and hand out plenty of flyers advertising your business brand or a local promotional deal is a simple, cheap way to get the word out there quickly and effectively.