Things to Note While Choosing an Age Care Home

Aging is not always a smooth sail, though it might be for some blessed souls. With age, start the various medical problems as the body has been subject to constant wear and tear over the years. The flexibility and agility of the body is also affected due to age. But, old age is the time to slow down and smell the flowers and appreciate the good things that life has bestowed upon you and the generous blessings of the Almighty.

Since retirement and old age is the time to relax and reap in the benefits of all the efforts and hard work put in over the years, why spend it in the city along with the others who are constantly on the move, running some rat race. Why be a burden on the children and stay with them, constantly feeling like you are coming in their way? Why stay alone and feel lonely when there are better options to choose from? Why not opt for aged care homes Kew that solves all the above problems and makes you look forward to celebrating your old age rather than just dreadfully living it?

What is an aged care home?

An Aged care home is a nursing home that is available for the elderly who can no longer live alone at their homes and are incapable of performing daily tasks independently or of taking care of themselves.

What to look for in an aged care facility?

While looking for an aged care facility, keeping a checklist of things to look for can help ease the quandary of choosing the right place.

The building and structure

The building is the first thing to notice, and it is important to note the structure and its condition, irrespective of how old the building is, it must be well maintained and look clean. The rooms as well community areas must be spacious, clean and easy to access. There must be ease of navigation to reach anywhere in the facility and in case of upper storeys on the building they must be accessible via lifts or have ramps. Also, important is to check for ample parking spaces, especially for visitors.

The amenities and services

After noting the basic building structure, the inside of the rooms must be seen. Do they have shared rooms only or are private rooms available? Also, do the rooms feel welcoming and comfortable, since they will be homes for the elderly from then on and must feel like personal and friendly spaces?

The common areas must also be easy to access and there should be ample outer door space too for the residents to walk around or enjoy out on sunny days. For those with special needs, it must be checked if the requirements are met in terms of facilities, equipment and caretakers.

Additionally, the services offered must also be seen, such as physiotherapy, dental care, audiology, and podiatry, counseling or alternative therapies. Services, like beauty and hairdressing, need to be checked too.

The accreditation

The accreditation from the government is a must, to secure the subsidies and to give it a note of approval from the authorities, thus making it a place up to the standards validated by trusted sources.

The caretakers and residents

It is important to consider the caretakers, if they are friendly, connect easily with the residents and are trained to carry out their duties. The vibes reflected from residents also help decide if they are happy in general and like the lifestyle and the place.

These pointers will definitely help choose the right aged care home.