What You Should Know About Designing Brochures

One of the most effective ways to market a product, idea, or company is to do it via brochures. See, this type of pamphlet allows you to pass something tangible onto potential clients or investors, making a greater impact. However, this can only be assured if you are actually able to design a brochure that is worth holding onto. After all, most people receive dozens and dozens of pamphlets all the time so you really need to work to make yours stand out. Here is what you should be aware of to make your design more alluring:



Quality is Key

If you don’t want people to instinctively toss your brochure in the trash, you will need to ensure that it is high quality. This means investing in paper that looks and feels luxurious and hiring a good printing company like Print on Demand. It is important to view the pamphlet as an extension of your company or product. So, if you want people to view it positively, you have to make a first good impression. In this instance, you need to create a brochure that looks as if it has been professionally designed and printed.

Narrow Down What You Want to Say

One of the most important things to remember about the text on brochures is to keep it short. If someone isn’t invested in what you are selling or advertising, it is unlikely that they will want to read paragraphs and paragraphs about it. Think of the brochure as the hook – this is what gets people interested so that you can direct them to a website, social media page, or phone number to get more information. This is why you should focus on the most important message that you wish to convey.

Use Plenty of High-Quality Images

Most people are visual creatures and will be lured in by beautiful, high-quality images. Now, you don’t only have to have photographs – good and unique artwork is often appreciated as well. The thing to keep in mind here is that relevance is really imperative. Make sure that the pictures that you are using match up with the information that you are communicating. Depending on your intent, you may find that images deliver your message better than text. In this case, you may want the focus to be on the graphics.

Think About the Order

How many times have you been handed a folded brochure only to find the sequence of the message doesn’t add up? The people that you hand the brochures out to aren’t going to take the time to figure out the sequence of the pamphlet. So, make certain that there is a logical order to the way that it is set out. This way, your readers will not get frustrated and will be able to understand your message more easily.

Add an Incentive

When you think about it, the people reading your business brochure have no real reason to call you up or visit your website. Well, this is not without a little bit of urging. The best way to manage this is to offer up an incentive, along with your call to action. It could be a discount, free consultation, or a promotion of some kind. This will make people more motivated to actually act on the information in the brochure.

This concludes all of the marketing things to be aware of when designing and printing out a brochure.