Tips for taking your computer to the next level

Computers can do what they say on the box, or, you can view what it says on the box as a starting point and start to build. Because the reality is that a personal computer is a bit like a car. You can buy one off the factory floor and it will be great in getting you from point A to point B. Or you can buy the wheels with a much greater purpose in mind. With a few additions, some tweaks and alterations the ordinary product that you once had can be transformed into a powerful racing machine – or in the case of computers, powerful processing machines. But how do you go about this? Is it even necessary? Where do you even begin to start? Here are a few handy ideas to set you on the right track.

Stay cool

If you can stay cool when things start to get heated, you will be far more effective. That is the logic behind the notion of a computer cooling system. Recognizing that heavy processing and hard work generates heat, and that that heat needs to be dissipated for the machine to function optimally, computer engineers developed a system much like the systems that cool cars. Liquid cooled systems that take the heat away and allow the machine to functionally optimally for a long time. Typically, on a PC, it is the CPU or the graphics processor that would be liquid cooled.

Stay connected

Everything is wireless these days and if your machine is not connecting wirelessly to a mouse or a printer then you are missing a trick. The days or wires running everywhere and your machine with accessories docked into every available port are long gone. If you can connect wirelessly to a router than you can connect to almost anything else in the same way. It is not rocket science, but it will change things for you significantly.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it is the place where the computers working memory is stored. The more RAM you have the more information you can work with, which in turn translates into better performance or greater process short, if you find that your PC is really slow and that it seems to struggle to perform even the simplest task, then maybe you need to get some additional RAM added to the mix.

Box Clever

Just like a car that has been sprayed and fixed up, so too can computers be made to look a whole lot cooler and trendier. The computer box that was once a standard issue black or grey can now be purchased in a range of designer colours and effects. From clear glass boxes to boxes with fancy lights and bling finishes, computer box enhancements are really popular with gamers and other people whose machines travel and get seen in public. If your machine spends most of its time on your desk at home or at work then this is probably not a necessary alteration, but if you are out at hackathons and gaming events then you want your machine to stand out in a crowd.