Tips for brightening up your house

Decorating a house is generally an expensive process which is one of the reasons why people tend not to do it very often. But it doesn’t have to be an over the top expense of alterations and structural changes. It is amazing how a few tweaks and a bit of love and attention can change the entire appearance of a room. Often this love and attention is neither expense nor time consuming which is good news if money and time are tight. But what are these hacks that can transform a room from dowdy dumping area to a relaxed and inspiring area. Here are a few ideas.


Art made easy

Art has the ability to make any room look good. Sadly however, art also has the ability to empty out most bank accounts – or at least good art has that ability. But there are ways around this problem and one of the best is to get your own photographs mounted and hung. A simple online search for something like ‘photo blocks Australia’ should be good enough to provide you with the details of a company that can provide the required service. Then pick a few of your favourite images or memories and send them off for the treatment. What comes back will not only be highly personal but also a constant reminder of good times and adventures that you have had.

New coat of paint

It is amazing just how much difference a coat of paint can make for a room. Prepare the walls properly by cleaning them with sugar soap and scraping off loose paint. The success of painting is in the preparation, so this is where you need to take the most care. If time or budgets are tight it is okay to only paint one wall. Pick a different colour and run with it. Turn one wall into a feature wall and change the whole character of the room.

Dress from the floor up

People in the business of selling shoes or socks like to say that you dress from the ground up. And they are right. The same logic of course applies to rooms where if the floor looks good the entire character and feel of the room can change. To this end look to play to the strengths of the room. If there are lovely parquet tiles under a tatty old carpet, then rip the carpet out. If the carpet is tatty but it’s hiding a cement floor, then give it a clean or but a mat. But pay attention to what is under your feet, you will be amazed at how a nice rug or a clean carpet can change the feel of a room.

Light it up

Another basic change that is very cost effective is in the lighting department. Lamp shades or covers age badly and they are typically unchanged for decades. Do something about that! A fresh shade or some enhancements to the rooms lighting set up can make a big change. There are a lot of very stylish stand-alone bulbs available on the market these days. Investigate them. Pinterest is a great starting point if you want to collect ideas.