Gift ideas for your cyclist friends

When you have friends, who are very passionate about a pursuit or pastime it can be very difficult to find them a gift. It is a real catch-22 situation because as much as you know what they love, you also know that they are quite particular about their hobby or sport and that they probably have a lot of gear and accessories already. So, do you play it safe and steer away from their passion-point, or do you brave it and look to get them something that, if you get it right, will be appreciated and used and loved. Cycling is one of those areas where people tend to spend a load of cash and where the riders are highly passionate. A cyclist can be a tricky and expensive person to shop for. But there are some opportunities to do well – here are a few ideas to help inspire you next time Christmas rolls around.


Go go gadgets

There are plenty of new-age gadgets and toys that cyclists can strap to their bikes or their bodies to track them as they ride. Think things like the Strava App or a heart rate monitor or Fit Bit. Or a GPS like the Garmin edge 530 mtb bundle, a great gift for a rider who likes to head out into the mountains with no real route or plan. These are all toys that can be practically utilized on rides, but which also translate into hours of fun once back home as the user can download data and check out routes and performance data. It is a real treat for the serious cyclist. Just a word of warning though, these devices can be expensive so before you purchase make sure that you are buying something that they don’t have and which they want.


We have all seen cyclists in their horrible spandex outfits, often looking like a rainbow and Speedo factory were in a horrible collision. Cycling clothing is garish by nature and a rider can never really have enough – especially if they are riding a lot. The better you know the rider the easier it will be to pick out an outfit. Remember that they are meant to be bright to aid with visibility – you are not there to help your rider win any fashion awards, it is about safety, comfort, and practicality.

The one thing they all need

Anyone who has ever spent a bit of time on a bike will know that one of the inevitable experiences for any cyclist is the puncture. A puncture repair kit is a great gift as all cyclists carry these. While most riders will have one or more of these, it is the components that go into the kit that constantly need to be replaced. These are cheap and needed and they will be used. You really can’t go wrong here. Just remember, not a pump, because this is a once-off that never needs to be replaced, we are talking cement and patches and glue and the consumable elements of the repair kit.