Using environmentally friendly products

In history, there have been waves of consciousness gripping our society regarding the things we use and what we consume (such as petrol) to afford our lifestyles which are in fact harmful and damaging to the environment. A huge recognition exists that we are consuming our non-renewable resources and have yet to find a reliable and affordable way to replace them once they run out. While much of these are minerals that are used for cars and computers, there is the most basic need existing around water. Food is one of these basic needs and we are needing more and more farming land to be able to withstand our food requirements. Corporate companies and large primary production industries are looking to change behaviour to reduce the damage caused. But the responsibility doesn’t just sit with the large firms, we as individuals can change our own consumption behaviours to contribute towards reducing our personal footprint on the environment

Alternative bags

Instead of regular plastic bags when we go to the grocery store or buy clothes, we can make use of other types are bags. There are various options to choose from. You can decide to use a plastic-type composite that is biodegradable, or you can use brown paper bags. The only problem with paper bags is they can’t take much weight and the break easily after not much use. Another alternative you might want to consider is calico bags. These are made from a rough type of cotton that is semi-processed and they are very durable


Cleaning products

We use cleaning products daily, from hair shampoo to washing hands, to cleaning the house. A way of saving water is through setting up a greywater system, but if you do so, you will need to steer clear of these products because your garden will not like the chemicals.


Use more glass

Single-use plastics are rapidly being phased out with a recent big global movement away from plastic straws as well as single-use water bottles. Using a glass bottle is a great solution. Some shops will sell drinking water where you can bring your own bottles and refill them instead of buying plastic bottles. Glass is also easier to recycle and be used again. It also contains fewer chemicals that affect our bodies.


Have recycling bins

Glass bottles and jars are easy to reuse at home, but other plastics are not as easy to reuse. You will be surprised at how much plastic you use daily when you start putting it in a separate bin. You might want to have a separate bin for plastics and for glass. If you have a recycling company that collects and separates for you, this might not be necessary.


Instead of using paper towels

Try using a cloth that can be washed and reused that paper towels that you throw away after using once to wipe up. The more we can reuse the less we will be throwing away and the smaller our impact on the environment will be.